“Wing” Systems

They are “thin” prestressed elements, with raised “wings”, width is about 2,5 m length till 40 m. The design of the “V” shape of the section, and the thickness never less than 50 or 60 mm, allows to have the maximum lightness. CSG Engineering can design the wing system, consisting of the cross section of the main component (named “tegolo alare”), the formwork, the performance tables for the calculation of the reinforcing according to loads and span. Also, CSG can design the secondary elements to be positioned among 2 “tegolo alare”, allowing a spacing of max 6 m between them.


  • Architectural look and feel: precast can enhance the formal, functional and structural value of the Architecture
  • Long span (up to 40 meters)
  • Customization (shape and features)
  • Low structural weight along with high load performances
  • Natural light and ventilation
  • Insulation and waterproofing done at the plant
  • Drainage is part of the construction system
  • Fire resistance
  • Quick and simple installation