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With over 40 years of experience on precast, CSG Engineering provides design/engineering and consulting services for the precast industry all over the world. This includes the start-up of new plants, with the design of the factory, the startup of the plant including management tools and methods, the construction management, the design of new construction systems (performing features for a performing elements), and the implementation of business improvement plans.


CSG Engineering is specialized in outsourcing design services for precast. CSG has technical skills on precast structural solutions, Project Management, even on the most complex projects that are often not managed by the internal Design Dept. Our team of structural designers can use the BIM LegoCad system, giving quick answers, and providing assistance and continuous support to the Clients.


CSG can provide a specific BIM-ERP solution for the design of precast constructions. A fully integrated system for the automation and coordination of all the activities of modern precast industries. Estimation, design/drafting/calculation, operations planning, production management and cost control. BIM LegoCad-P2000 is a cutting-edge technological tool that ensures automated control and effectiveness to the precast concrete industry.


Starting from the “Chiaravalle Seminars” – in the mid-1990s arranged at the behest of Maurizio Frasani, CEO of CSG – which had become a regular appointment for the Italian Precast Professionals, to the our day technical conferences and seminars on the most topical issues, and the Technical Mission to Italy: The link between CSG, Universities and Industry Associations is strong. CSG is always at the forefront of promoting and organizing technical events all over the world that promote research on new precast technologies.


CSG Engineering at the PCI Convention 2018 in Denver

Rinaldo Pinchiroli from CSG at the PCI CONVENTION in Denver (Colorado) has attracted interest and curiosity on precast construction systems adopted in Italy. In the speech, Pinchiroli also gave an overview of the latest innovations adopted in Italy on Precast.

Registration Promotion discount to TECHNICAL MISSION 2018

Are you interested in attending the CSG event? Do you belong to a company interested in sponsoring the Mission? There is an important change: CSG offers a strong promotional discount on the cost of registration for participants who will sign up by the end...

PCT BRASIL: Success for the Technical Seminar organized by CSG

Success for the technical-academic Seminar on the state of the art in Precast Concrete Technology organized by CSG in Brazil in June. Two intense days have passed in the Rio do Sul (Santa Catarina) and São Paulo. Giving interest and participation from the...

FACTORY LAYOUT: the choice of the thermal treatment process

The process consists in controlling the rate of dispersion of moisture in the fresh concrete in the phase just after the casting, guaranteeing the time for the reaction of hydration of the cement. Accelerated curing systems control the temperature, since this...

BIM technology in the design

Also for the year 2018 there is no lack of important development goals in the CSG agenda. Last month was presented the new version of the BIM LegoCad, the relese 2018.03. The latest tests by our team of designers has ended. The new version is available to users. Among...

Standardization in precast concrete drawings

Problems concerning the standardization of drawings in the field of prefabrication is a pressing matter nowadays; in fact, given that there are no written and harmonized rules not only on the field as a whole but in each company, the risk of errors remains remarkable....


The BIM in Precast design